Yes, you may lease or sell your unit.

Vehicles and other items are NOT permitted to be stored outside of your unit. Parking is only permitted outside the unit while owners are on the premises of The Grotto.

Yes, you can design and build your unit however you choose. Unit owners must adhere to all bylaws and permit requirements.

No signage is permitted on the exterior of the building or on the property.

Condo fees are not yet established and will be based on the square footage of your unit. An estimate of condo fees will be $1.30/sqft. Condo fees will include common utilities, snow removal, landscaping, general maintenance, security, and gate system. Additionally, there will also be a reserve fund set-up for future repairs or replacements of the common areas.

Yes, that is permitted. However, if you are to run your vehicle indoors, you will require a ventilation system. This would be an additional cost. 

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